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The word Vashikaran comes or originated from the two words in which the first one is Vash which means to intake or under control or capture of any persons who are angry or polite mood and the second one is Karan which means do or doer or to fulfill the Vashi word or meaning . many people can’t success in life due to different reasons in which some one is as follows
?              They are not in success love.
?              They are not in success marriage.
?              They are not in success education .
?              They are not in success job .
?              They are not in successs business.
?              They are not in success foreign .
From these which are above mentioned or dictated these all are coming from this types of lacking which are as follows
?              Lacking of trust
?              Lacking of confidence
?              Lacking of honest
?              Lacking of a good understanding
?              Lacking of a good behavior
?              Lacking of disciplines
?              Lacking of self confidence
?              Lacking of diligence
?              Lacking of alert or careful
These all lacking Is converted into fully or completing by or through the Vashikaran technique or law and that technique is the combination of body power , mind power ,and ego power . and through vashikaran technique or rules and regulation if we followed or understand very much in good way or manner then we get success and success comes from hard labor and hard labor comes from satisfaction and when we get or achieve satisfaction then we get automatically happiness or happy life .
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